Tips On How To Take Care Of Your UGG Boots

Your lovely new UGG boots feel luxurious when they are brand new, as there is nothing like the cosy feeling you get from pulling on a pair sheepsking UGG’s, especially this time of the year in the colder months. However, the weather outside, can play havoc with this nice new feeling, then get wet or stained. While there are boots that say they can be machine-washed, they are made from artificial materials that look rather similar, but genuine sheepskin requires special care when cleaning.

True sheepskin and also UGG brand name boots are made from a real animal hide that has been tanned to produce the soft coating and needs to be hand-cleaned and also never threwn in a washing machine. Below are some means to tackle various sorts of discolorations as well as keep these boots looking their finest much longer.

If your boots splash, simply letting them completely dry without cleansing can trigger streaking or water discolorations. Rather, use a white cloth or sponge dipped in clean, cold water and damp the boots all over until they are equally wet. Do not soak them! This will allow them to dry evenly as well as without watermarks.

To make sure that your boots hold their shape, stuff the moist boot with a rolled white towel. Avoid using dark coloured towels, as some of the colour may come off on the fur. Forget using newspaper as well or your feet and socks may end up funny colours as well. Allow the boots to air completely dry away from complete sun.

Never put your UGG’s in the clothes dryer either, as this can be very damaging. Something to remind the man in your life not to do, as you know men can be lazy creatures.

For winter months salt discolorations, add another step to the water tarnish removal process. You need to wet your boots entirely, blend one mug of water as well as one tbsp of distilled white vinegar. Clean the salt-stained area with the vinegar mix, with a white fabric or cotton ball. The acetic acid in the vinegar will delicately liquefy the salt.

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